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The K-16 Collaborative has joined forces with the San Diego and Imperial County Offices of Education and the Regional Golden State Pathways Program to offer multiple Communities of Practice (CoP) for educators across the Southern Border Region. CoPs are designed to support and engage faculty from high school, community college, and university. By working together to bridge the disconnects in our educational pipelines, we can meet the needs of all students in San Diego and Imperial counties.

A community of practice brings together a group of people around a particular body of work. Getting to spend time with others who are facing the same challenges and have the same passions allows you to learn from one another, align systems and build your network.

CoPs are offered in the following areas…

K-16 Collaborative led CoPs:

  • Business (Business & Finance, Marketing, Sales and Services/ Entrepreneurship)
  • Computing (Computer Science, ICT, Networking, Programming, Cybersecurity, etc.)
  • Engineering (Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.)
  • Healthcare – coming in late Spring 2024! (Patient Care, Mental Health, Community Health, Biotechnology, Sports Medicine)

Questions? Email heather@k16talentpipeline.org or jamie@k16@talentpipeline.org

San Diego & Imperial County Offices led CoPs:

  • Automotive (Transportation & Automotive)
  • Climate Related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics pathways)
  • Counseling for Career Readiness 
  • Education (Education, Child Development)
  • Leading for Career Readiness (K-12 CTE Leaders Network

Questions? Email Jewyl.Alderson@sdcoe.net

Join a community of practice and stay in the loop on all regional opportunities to engage with others in your area of expertise!

Who should join?

CoPs are designed for educators, leaders, counselors and others working to build pathways to employment. 

Each community of practice may have a different audience, but all are welcome to participate. Individual activities may engage one segment more than others, so keep an eye out for opportunities designed to meet your needs. Participants from the following segment are welcome:

  •  K-12 
  • Community College
  • University
  • Adult School
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Industry Partners

What should you expect when you join a CoP? 

Each community of practice may look different and will be based on the needs of the community, with a focus on ensuring equitable access and outcomes for students across the region. Generally CoPs may include a selection of the following in any given year:

* CoPs are for practitioners to engage in and learn from each other in this work, so we ask that no solicitation/vendors participate unless part of a sponsorship for an event.

CoPs are designed to
support intersegmental relationships
and encourage collaboration
throughout the school year.

Male student working on a laptop computer indoors

The purpose of the CoPs are to:

Strengthen pathways between high schools and/or community colleges to the university with a focus on increasing participation of Black, Latinx, and other underrepresented groups.

Provide project support by sharing information, improving skills, and advancing general knowledge in curriculum alignment across institutions and alignment to industry standards.

Offer support to incorporate equity-minded teaching practices.

Help faculty across segments to implement inclusive student supports with a focus on connecting our underrepresented students to high-wage, high-demand pathways.

Past Meetings

Running Community of Practice (CoP) agendas and meeting recording links: