There are 13 postsecondary institutions across San Diego and imperial counties who participate in the K-16 Collaborative grant.

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We provide direct support to colleges.

In collaboration with the San Diego and Imperial Economic Development Corporations, we provide direct support for colleges to create verified programs and have access to paid internships for their students. 

In addition, through Communities of Practice, we provide support for the colleges in aligning curriculum to industry standards and incorporating equity-minded teaching practices.

Communities of Practice

The K-16 Collaborative has joined forces with the San Diego and Imperial County Offices of Education and the Regional Golden State Pathways Program to offer multiple Communities of Practice (CoP) for educators across the Southern Border Region. CoPs are designed to support and engage faculty from high school, community college, and university. By working together to bridge the disconnects in our educational pipelines, we can meet the needs of all students in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

One of the primary objectives of the K-16 Collaborative is to improve access to in-demand, high-wage occupations for underrepresented student groups. The values of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are weaved throughout all strands of our grant work. 

Early College Credit

Early College Credit is an umbrella term for the various ways that high school students can earn college credit prior to graduation. The three main types of early college credit include articulation, dual enrollment, and concurrent enrollment. Our grant supports existing efforts across all segments throughout our region.

Paid Internships​

We offer paid internships for qualified college students. In summer 2023, internship opportunities were in computing and engineering. In summer 2024, internship opportunities will be in business, computing and engineering. And in fall 2024, we will offer internships at K-12 district sites for students interested in education. 

Program Alignment

The K-16 Collaborative Grant supports K-12 LEAs, community colleges, and four-year universities throughout San Diego and Imperial counties as they align and strengthen pathways between segments. The “pathways” of focus are: business, computing, engineering, education and healthcare. We refer to pathway as student movement between high school to community college, high school to university, community college to university to employment, etc. Therefore, courses may or may not be classified as career education.

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Student Supports

There are many organizations and programs available to students, both embedded and in collaboration with our schools. From student clubs and tutoring, to AVID and CalSOAP, we will be compiling, sharing, and partnering with many of these organizations.

Verified Programs

Verified Programs are recognized by employers as delivering top-quality training for high-demand jobs across San Diego and Imperial counties. Students enrolled in courses in a verified program have access to paid internships.