Verified Programs

Verified Programs are recognized by employers like you, as delivering top-quality training for high-demand jobs across San Diego and Imperial counties.

Through a competitive application process, college programs are assessed by our regional EDCs and industry partners in five key areas:

Technical Skills

Employability Skills

Industry Engagement

Diversity & Inclusion

History of Collaboration

The Verified Program process is supported by the K-16 Collaborative grant and includes all 13 colleges in San Diego and Imperial counties.

The K-16 Collaborative, San Diego Regional EDC, and Imperial Valley EDC invites postsecondary institutions within San Diego and Imperial Counties to apply to become a Verified Program.

Through an employer-led process, and using the established US Chamber’s Talent Pipeline Management model, our EDCs and employers assess educational programs to ensure they are meeting (or exceeding) industry expectations in five key areas. Programs that meet the standards set by employers are publicly recognized as Verified Programs of Talent, formerly called ‘Preferred Providers’.

Affiliated College Logos

These colleges have current Verified Programs

Employer Benefits

  • Employer-approved programs.
  • Students have in-demand skills and are prepared for jobs throughout San Diego and Imperial counties.
  • Access to paid interns.
  • Additional opportunities to collaborate with local colleges and universities.

How can Employers Participate?

Regional employers participate in annual employer-led collaboratives that address and communicate shared workforce needs. Each year, EDC convenes a diverse group of companies with shared workforce needs into these Employer Working Groups which meets several times throughout the year. Through a data-driven, employer-led process, employers summarize anticipated demand for critical jobs and map relevant skills and competencies to be share with local training programs. This collaborative effort aims to effectively communicate overall demand trends and bolster the local pipeline of talent in San Diego.

In partnership with the Border Region Talent Pipeline K-16 Collaborative, Advancing San Diego convened 13 companies that collectively employ more than 21,000 San Diegans into an Employer Working Group (EWG) to gain a real-time picture of San Diego’s talent needs. Leveraging strategies from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management® framework, Advancing San Diego is excited to unveil a set of Talent Demand Reports that serve as a snapshot of local demand for computing and engineering professionals. These reports serve as a high-level guide for education providers about the skills and competencies students need for entry-level openings in San Diego.

In 2024, EDC will host two Employer Working Groups. One will focus on business-related roles and is open to companies in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The other will focus on skilled trades and will be particularly focused on companies that make up the defense industrial base.

If you are interested in lending your insights, contact: Bridgette Coleman – Manager, Talent Initiatives at the San Diego Regional EDC.

Other Ways Industry Can Get Involved

Hire one or more interns – visit the College Student Internships page for more information

Volunteer for an advisory committee at a high school, community college, or university

Provide opportunities for students to tour your facility, be a guest speaker, be a panelist, judge projects or presentations, etc.

Participate in a regionally supported pilot apprenticeship program (more information coming soon)