Undergraduate Student Internships

Is Your School District Interested in Hosting Education Work Experiences for Local College Students?

LEA / District Information Session:

Thank you so much to those of you who were able to join us for our info session! We hope it was helpful and we are looking forward to your application to host undergraduate student interns. For your reference, or if you were unable to join us, here are the materials from our presentation: Questions? Or if you would like to make a special request for content specific tutors, please contact Christine or Jamie.

Program Elements

This work experience is available to individuals currently enrolled at any of the 10 local community colleges, CSUSM, SDSU, or UCSD, with an interest in pursuing a career in K-12 education.

Student Participants will function in a volunteer capacity and can be assigned responsibilities similar to a Tutor, Instructional Aide, Before/Aftercare Supervisor, etc.  Roles should be student facing, involving academic work with students and/or supporting teachers during classroom instruction. Job Description templates will be available. 

Students can work up to 250 hours at your school site over the course of the 24-25 school year.  The K-16 Collaborative recommends that students work approximately 10 hours per week for 25 weeks. Students are prohibited from working more than 19.5 hours per week.

Student Work Experience Participants are hired and paid by 3rd party employer, Manpower, which is funded through the K-16 Collaborative Grant. Students will be paid $20.00/hour. The K-16 Collaborative cannot support overtime, health benefits, or more than 290 total hours per student. In addition to the 250 hours of work on site, students will also be compensated by the K-16 Collaborative for:

  • District mandated training and onboarding
  • Bootcamp training
  • Monthly CoP participation and support

K-16 Collaborative Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with Employer of Record (Manpower)
  • Create student application
  • Conduct initial screening of applicants
  • Facilitate “Bootcamp” training and ongoing support for Student Participants

School District Responsibilities

  • Interview Student Participants
  • Manage fingerprinting and medical clearances
  • Provide district mandatory trainings
    (PSH, mandated reporter, etc.)
  • Determine site placements
  • Provide onsite supervisor who can approve electronic timecards

Position Requirements & Limitations

  • Roles must be student-facing, preferably in a classroom setting
  • Students must be under the direct supervision of a district employee and have access to a direct supervisor
  • We advise against leaving Student Participants alone with K-12 students unsupervised
  • Student Particpants should not be assigned to work with students with moderate to severe disabilities
  • The availability of Student Participants will vary depending on college course schedules. However,  the ideal experience for students would be to work closely with 1-2 teachers per semester.
  • The K-16 Collaborative hopes to facilitate open and honest communication between the student, supervisor, and the district. Districts are responsible for informing the K-16 Collaborative Team of any issues related to the performance or conduct of Student Participants.
Female and male students working on a computer

Student Participants engage in a paid summer “Bootcamp” experience, organized by the K-16 Collaborative Grant team. This training will help prepare participants to work effectively with K-12 students and to better understand next steps involved in pursuing a career in education.

The K-16 Collaborative Grant team will also offer an ongoing Community of Practice (CoP) for participants to share and reflect on experiences and best practices throughout the school year.

23-24 Program Timeline

Education Work Experience Timeline

Important Dates

March 14, 2024 – The work site application has been extended until March 14th.  There are two parts to this application:

  • Part I – LEA provides general information about the district and anticipated participation;
  • Part II – provides job descriptions that can be shared with students so that they can determine where they want to interview.

March 9, 2024 – District sites and job descriptions will be posted on a Google Site for student review.

March 18-April 14, 2024 – Student applications will be open.

May-June 2024 – Students will interview with K-12 LEAs. We will contact you prior to the interview period to verify staff availability.

***Districts will be asked to complete LiveScan fingerprinting and any additional special hiring criteria requirements in June. Once completed, the student will be required to complete an onboarding bootcamp with the K-16 Collaborative Grant team in mid-August 2024. Student interns can begin after student onboarding has been completed

Steps to Participating

If your LEA is interested in participating, please follow these steps:

  1. Attend the general information session on December 5th (strongly encouraged);
  2. We request that you complete Part I of the application by January 19, 2024;
  3. Complete one or more Part II forms to identify student work experience positions at your district by March 14, 2024;
  4. Sign an MOU the Foundation for Grossmont & Cuyamaca Colleges and your LEA by May 2024;
  5. Interview and provide feedback about student interviewees;
  6. Be available for in-person site visits  with 3rd party employer, Manpower. Site visits are tentatively scheduled for June and July;
  7. Designate a supervisor to attend onboarding training in early August;
  8. Assist students in completing required hiring criteria;
  9. Abide by internship date/time constraints: Student interns can work up to 250 hours. They cannot work more than 8 hours a day or 19.5 hours a week, and are required to have at least a half hour break every 5 hours;
  10. Approve student timecards.